UI School 徳島市のおとな・こどもの英語/英会話教室


Alex James Patchettアレックス パチェット

Where I am from
Coventry, United Kingdom.
I have over 7 years teaching experience in English, maths and science. I have taught in many countries; Taiwan, Spain, England and of course, Japan. I have taught a wide range of people from cute little Taiwanese 4 year olds to grizzled old prisoners. My experience of teaching different subjects, in different cities to many different people has made me into a flexible and interesting teacher.

I feel I am a fun and energetic teacher that tries to bring excitement into the classroom, and create interest for individual home study.



I enjoy running long distances, and i have participated in the Tokushima marathon. I hope i will beat last years time this year. I also enjoy playing and watching rugby. I play for the Cosmos rugby team and I hope to cheer both England and Japan in the next rugby world cup in Japan. I would love to be an adventurer, I love seeing new things, visiting new places and meeting new people. Any new experience excites me.


“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
I like to think I am more than a teacher. I am a life guide. A guide to help young people develop into confident, strong and well-rounded adults. If you are already a well rounded adult, I hope to provide you with more confidence and belief to face lifes many challenges.