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Rowena Ormenita

  • Where are you from?

    Manila, Philippines


  • What is your background?

    I graduated Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major In Management in Manila and worked in Qatar and Libya in the administration department.


  • What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

    I enjoy seeing them smile and enjoy the class, and be happy around me.


  • What is your goal/mission?

    My goal is to have them learn English while building great memories and great relationships, not only with Japanese kids, but also build confidence in interacting with foreigners.


  • What do you do in your free time?

    I watch a lot of English movies, cycling, exploring new places, cooking and singing.


  • What do you like/think about Tokushima/Japan?

    I have always loved Japan because of its culture, food and beautiful places to visit. I think Tokushima is a very relaxing place to work / live and is close to many beautiful areas to visit soon.

    日本は文化や食べ物、そして訪れるべき美しい場所があるので大好きです。 徳島はとてもリラックスして仕事や生活ができ、身近に訪れられる美しい場所がたくさんありますね。

  • Where would you like to go if you had a long holiday?

    Ehime, Osaka, and my friends in Tochigi whom I consider as my family too.


  • Who is your idol?

    I always look up to people who remains humble despite their success.


  • What was your childhood dream?

    To become a doctor and singer


  • There are a lot of English schools in Japan. Why did you decide to work at UI?

    I chose UI over other schools because of their genuine goals, they treat you as a family even during the application process, and make the time to get to know you more as a person rather than an employee.


  • Is there anything people would be surprised to know about you?

    I learned English through hard work and dedication and I am a singer in a band.


  • Who is your favorite super hero?

    Superman. He does not reveal his superpowers unless it really needed.

    スーパーマンです。 本当に必要な場面でしか超能力を活用しないからです。

  • Cats or Dogs?

    I do love both. I raise cats and dogs since childhood and treated them as babies.

    両方大好きです。 私は子供の頃から猫や犬を飼っていて彼らを赤ちゃんのように扱っていました。

  • Water or Wine?

    Water. You can do many things with water when you get stuck in an island.

    水です。 もしも島に取り残されても水があれば色んなことができます。

  • Natto or Goya?

    I prefer Goya. I normally saute goya with garlic and onion, and mix it with ground meat and finally, with scrambled egg. Goya does minimize its bitterness when soaked in salty water longer.

    ゴーヤが好きです。 普段はにんにくと玉ねぎで炒め、ひき肉と混ぜ、最後にスクランブルエッグと混ぜます。 ゴーヤは塩水に長く浸すと苦味を最小限に抑えられますね。