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Ignacio Fernandez Bozarth

  • Where are you from?

    I’m from Spain.


  • What is your background?

    I studied veterinary in Spain, where I worked briefly as a vet, before pursuing a master in neuroscience in Barcelona and a PhD in Genoa (Italy).


  • What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

    Seeing students’ progress on a week to week basis


  • What is your goal/mission?

    To live a happy life while bringing something to other people. Something for which teaching seems to be ideally suited.


  • What do you do in your free time?

    I do sports, go out, watch films and, if I find the time, read

    スポーツをしたり、お出かけしたり、映画を見たり しています。

  • What do you like/think about Tokushima/Japan?

    I’ve always enjoyed small cities like Tokushima. They provide the leisure opportunities of a city, without having you deal with the high prices, overcrowded street, stress and complicated commutes of bigger cities. Also the location is great whether you’re a mountain or sea fan. However I do have to complain about it being too “Mushi atsui” (hot and buggy).


  • Where would you like to go if you had a long holiday?

    I’d love to climb mount Fuji.


  • What was your childhood dream?

    To become a treasure hunter


  • There are a lot of English schools in Japan. Why did you decide to work at UI?

    The staff is friendly and close knit, which always makes the job less of a job.


  • Is there anything people would be surprised to know about you?

    My hair used to be down to my bum (if you know me even slightly you might not be surprised).


  • Who is your favorite super hero?

    Captain hammer, who wouldn’t like such a lovable dunce.

    キャプテン・ハンマー です。あんなに可愛らしいダンスをする人を嫌いな人なんているんですか??

  • Cats or Dogs?



  • Coffee or Wine?

    Wine, but really prefer beer


  • Natto or Goya?

    Jury is out since I haven’t yet tried either. Although given my relationship with food I’ll probably like both.