UI Schoolでは、徳島の英語教育に変化を起こし、

At UI School, We Are Making Changes In English Education In Tokushima,
The School That Nurtures People Is Looking For Japanese Staff!

Employment opportunities/For foreigner

UI School of English is an English Conversation School located in Tokushima, Japan. Since being established by Kazuyo Hayafuji in 1998, UI has grown from person to person lessons in the founder’s apartment, to a vibrant school with international staff and close to four hundred students. Drawing inspiration from her late father’s influential presence and way of thinking, Kazuyo set out to develop a school that was to be run with a ‘joy of giving joy’ attitude in mind. Realizing that it is the benefit of others that benefits a company, UI has always put people’s happiness above company profits – which is, in turn, precisely what made it a success.
And while the school keeps growing, the root principles remain:
To provide an opportunity for everyone to learn from each other.
To encourage self-development and the passion for it.
To be an individual that is in harmony with others while independent and unique.
To stand firmly on your feet and possess a confident posture in any environment or situation.
To be of use to others, to attain and inspire gratitude and joy.
To communicate, to work, to teach and connect with all of the above in mind.
To extend this to the person in front of you, to the community and the larger whole.
If you share a similar philosophy, wish to work or connect with us and/or have any further questions,
we are looking forward to hearing from you anytime.



UI School は英会話スクールの中でも、チームワークの良さが話題にされ、全国から見学にお越しになります。