Congratulations, Mina!

国府中学 住友美奈ちゃんが
第64回 徳島県中学校英語弁論大会で優秀賞をいただきました


‘I don’t have a dream’



I don’t have a dream.

I don’t want to be a pop singer, and

I don’t want to be a doctor or nurse.

The problem is I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I don’t have a dream.


For a while my only dream was to go to see my favourite pop group, Exile, in concert.
But I’ve already done that.


Exile held a concert in Hiroshima in July and I was desperate to go. My father promised to take me and a friend, and kindly drove us all the way there and back.

I admire Exile not only because their songs are great, but also because they support countries sufferings from natural disasters like Haiti. I thought that I could be an artist like them. I could be rich and famous, sing every day, and even contribute to the world.


The concert was amazing. 50,000 fans filled the stadium. Everyone was excited; people were yelling and cheering when they came onto the stage. When I saw them sing and dance up there, I realised that I couldn’t become a pop singer. I’m far too shy to be able to stand on a stage and perform in front of so many people. I would have to find another dream and another way to contribute to the world.


One day my friend told me that she wants to be a doctor. I thought that maybe I could be one too. I could make people feel better, could be respected and could even save lives.


When my little brother fell over and cut his knee, I rushed to him and put a band-aid onto his wound. I was like a nurse. I felt so good to be able to help him. But when he fell down from a chair and cut his head against a flower vase, there was blood everywhere. I couldn’t look at it. It made me feel sick. That was when I realised that I couldn’t be a doctor. How can you be a doctor or a nurse if you can’t look at blood?


When I was small, I had a new dream almost every second. Once I wanted to become a princess. Then soon after, I wanted to be a god, a fairy, a candy store owner, a florist and then a kindergarten teacher. None of them are my dreams anymore.

I don’t remember when I stopped dreaming. I don’t remember when I dreamed last.


I was worried because I still don’t have a dream today.

But then my teacher told me, ‘You are lucky, Mina! You don’t have a dream yet? That means you have the freedom to choose anything.’ Her words made me feel relieved. I had often felt bad because I couldn’t find my dream. I learned that not having a dream is okay. I’m only 15. I will wait until I come across my real dream. I will wait for my dream to find me.